Arts Collective

 Artist Studio Rentals

The KAC Arts Collective is a group of artists located in the upper studio of the Kirkland Art Center.  Selected artist will receive an individual space, an area to store work and access to a fully equipped ceramics studio, jewelry studio and painting studio.


  •             Open studio hours
  •             An individual place to work
  •             A place to store work
  •             Access to a fully equipped ceramics facility and jewelry facility
  •             Access to a painting and drawing studio
  •             An artist bio on our website
  •             Opportunity to participate in our annual members exhibition
  •             Opportunities to show work during special events
  •             Networking opportunities with other artists


  •             Artists are responsible for their own materials
  •             Fees for kiln firing

Rental fees: $90 / month

*Arts Collective artists must be a member of the KAC ($35 minimum annual fee)

If interested in applying to be a part of the arts collective please contact John Gardner at: for more information.

Christi Harrington


Business Woman

Dirty Thirties

Picket Fence

Rolling In

Twin Twister

Christi Harrington (born March 17, 1974) lived in Italy, while studying abroad at the University of Michigan’s international program.  When she came back to the States, her world was expanded and work inspired by the old masters.  She gained great respect for the traditions of sculpture.  Christi worked at the foundry of the University of Michigan, then as a mold-maker at a private Fine Arts foundry.   After acquiring the technical knowledge involved with creating sculpture, she set out  to work with respected, figurative artists.  This search brought Christi to New York City and the New York Academy of Art.   She earned a Masters of Fine Art in sculpture, and was a sculpture assistant for public commission artists Tom Shannon and Diana Moore.

Diana Moore then became her mentor, and she assisted in the creation of public sculpture.  Christi aided her in the execution of several public works for Lafayette, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Newark, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She also assisted in the creation of Diana Moore’s private work that was exhibited at Gallery Joe in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Forum Gallery in New York City.  Christi visited the studios of figurative artists Judy Fox, Nancy Spero and Leon Golub, John Bowman, Alexis Rockmen, Mark Tansey, Janie Antonio, Tom Otterness and Robert Taplan who became inspirations for her work.   In the fall of 2000, she arrived in Utica  and co-created the curriculum of the new Fine Arts Program at Mohawk Valley Community College.  Christi Harrington is an Associate Professor of Art and currently on sabbatical. In 2001 Christi executed her first public sculpture entitled, Song  of Innocence, installed in the Commons of Ithaca, New York.  Spring of 2009 will bring the unveiling of her second public sculpture, Giving, in Utica, New York.

To see more of Christi’s work visit her website.

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