Studio Rental

Individual Artist Studio Rentals:
Ceramics – Painting – Drawing – Dance

The Dance Studio is available for rental for the following pricing: (This is for non-teaching, private, single individual use.)

$10 / Hour ($5 / hour for college students with student ID)

$25 / Day

$40 / Week 

$60 / Month

$135 / 3 Months

The rentals come second to classes that are currently scheduled, and are only during business hours – unless other special arrangements are made.

(Tuesday – Friday 9am – 4:30pm)

Must be a KAC member

Ceramics: Artist must have taken a pottery session with our instructor Roger Honey, and get approval that they have completed the course and are qualified to work on their own.

Rental time does not include kiln firings. These can only be done by Roger Honey, and are a separate fee.
Please contact the office for available studio times, make payments, and arrange kiln firings.

Ceramic Studio

Dance Studio


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